It’s nearing Christmas and I know it’s a little late to be starting this, but I’d like to try anyways.  What is there to lose by trying right?

The team here at Ultra 8 have been working hard on developing Ultraball, it’s been a rough journey with lots of twists and turns.

Sadly we couldn’t make it in time for Christmas, although we really wanted families to be able to play Ultraball over the holidays.

It seems ok since there have been plenty of other games to fill that gap.

In the beginning we wanted to create a game that would bring people together and create good sportsmanship.

A game that encouraged humor and light heartedness instead of the hyper competitiveness we see often now.

I hope that some of you will enjoy this game with us.  It really needs a strong starting community to stay alive.

It’s a fun simple action game with punching, explosions, and teamwork.

It was inspired by Tron Aesthetics, Super Smash Bros Arcadeness, Powerstone’s gem mechanics, Starseige tribes movement, and Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy type humor.

I really hope you all like it!  back to work for now!