Ultraball is a fast paced action game with a ball.  We have invested all our time making the movement and basic moves as tight and polished as possible.  It feels great just doing basic things!  You can fly across the field and divebomb your opponents.  Get the ball by hitting your opponents with flying knees, whirlwind kicks, repulses, and a variety of different items.

You gain exp and combo points by working with your team.  It’s a mini game of hacky sack.  Don’t let the ball touch the ground to keep the combo going!  Intercept a throw!

Inspired by Australian football, there are two ways to score.  Throw it in to gain a small amount of points and run it in to gain massive points.  Currently set at 1 and 3, we are still fine tuning it and are currently going to test if 3 and 7 make for a better feel.