Almost the new year and thinking of trying to hit a few online game events?  The game is in a nice playable state at the moment, but I need to find some work while I continue developing Ultraball.  The nation is kinda in a crazy state of turmoil, don’t know if people have any interest in a new game release.

I think one of the greatest challenges of any game is finding the right audience.  Who even cares about your game?  It’s a scary moment in a developer’s life when you don’t know.  This is a relatively new genre and style of game.  Definitely a giant step away from 2D Sidescroller, RPG, 2D Fighting Game, etc.   I read stories about how hard and silly it is for somebody to try to create a new market, but I’m attempting it anyways cause I believe a game like this needs to exist!  Something fresh, ya know?  Seems like people who dig Tron really like the game!  I understand why!  I what other groups would like this game?